The family is the fundamental building block of a society - and the wellbeing of parents and children will determine whether that society flourishes or not. By putting the wellbeing of parents in focus, we can create not only happy families, but also thriving workplaces, healthy communities, and through all of that, ultimately, a flourishing society.


Wellbeing professional and educator

Gabriella Campelli-Ignacz

Hello there! I'm Gabriella Campelli-Ignacz (MA, MSc), wellbeing professional and educator, with a particular interest in early parenthood, happiness, and workplace wellbeing.  I believe that wellbeing is more than just healthy eating and exercise - it's also about happiness, contentment, life satisfaction, having a purpose, work-life balance, and meaningful relationships. And while we as individuals can do a lot to manage our own health and wellbeing, there is also a lot that workplaces, communities, and indeed our whole society can do to further collective wellbeing.